Eliot Scott

Picture of Arctic Ocean

Why did I go to the Arctic Ocean?

The picture to the left was taken in Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay), Alaska. I rode buses, vans, trains and cars nearly 2,000 miles to see something that looked strikingly similar to a body of water I grew up near - Lake Ontario.

So why would someone go through the time and expense of traveling 2,000 miles to see this somewhat familiar scene? There is a simple answer - by creating a destination, no matter how mundane in appearance that destination might be, I got to see this, this and this along the way!

Picture of me with friends in Atlas Mountains

I see my life and career as a journey, and although I often set lofty goals and expectations, it is the unexpected adventures that I often learn the most from.
While trying desperately to see the Sahara when I traveled to Morocco, I ended up at the lake to the right in the Atlas Mountains staying in a small Berber village with new friends instead!

Although I still enjoy traveling, I now spend most of my time on these two.

Welcome to my online portfolio!

Here you find work samples from my meandering fifteen year career through a variety of specializations including - web development, video and multimedia production, animation, print and software design; as well as system, hardware, CMS and database administration.

I also have a solid academic background, having earned an MA in Anthropology from Portland State University, as well as a BFA in Film and Television from New York University and finished an MS in Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin in May of 2012.

I am now engaged in a career in the library and archival sciences and enjoy working with digital repositories, digital asset management and content management systems.