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Information Studies Papers

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Organizing Institutional Information with Digital Asset Management System Software

(2010) An overview of Digital Asset Management Systems for organizing digital files in institutions co-written with former iSchool student David Smith.

J.J. Jake Pickle EAD Finding Aid

(2011) An EAD finding aid describing the J.J. Jake Pickle Papers at the Briscoe Center for American History.

Human Machine Communication

(2010) A critique of Lucy Suchman's concept of human-machine communication.

How Much Description is Enough?

(2011) A brief history of the debate over the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Creating a Digital Archive

(2011) Documenting the process of creating a digital archive in the Drupal CMS.

Creating Archival PDF's from Crowd-Sourced Transcriptions via the Drupal CMS and domPDF

(2011) Documenting the process of setting up the Drupal CMS for crowdsourced transcriptions.

Condition Report

(2011) A report on the condition of an historic document.

Art, Artifact & History: The Role of Objects at the Goodwill Computer Museum

(2011) A critique of museological typologies through an analysis of the Goodwill Computer Museum

A Museum Containing "The Wonderful Leaps of Sam Patch"

(2011) Imagining a museum display by researching a reprint of an 1870's childrens book.

The Immutable Mobile: A Vehicle for Domination

(2010) An analysis of Bruno Latour's concept of the immutable mobile and it's use in the subjugation and domination of societies

Information Studies Presentations

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University Library Intranet

(2012) A blueprint for creating a university library intranet to assist staff.

Sythesizing Bits into Objects: Data Management for Information Preservation

(2012) A blueprint for creating a data management policy and system at a university library.

Congregational Church of Austin Archives

(2012) An overview of the CCOA project I created in Drupal 6 from 2011 to 2012.

Organizing Institutional Information with Digital Asset Management System Software (presentation)

(2010) An overview of Digital Asset Management Systems. Co-presented with David Smith.

Dublin Core: Process and Principles

(2010) An overview of the Dublin Core metadata schema. Co-presented with David Smith.

Managing Across Generations

(2010) A look at managing the various generational types in the workforce circa 2010. Co-presented with Joe Ahearn, Micah Erwin and Chris Johnson.

Mendocino County Museum Budget 2010-11

(2010) A sample budget presentation for the Mendocino County Museum based on their publically available prior year's budget.


Border Studies

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MA Thesis: Militarization & Functional Changes at the US-Mexican Border

(2008) This Master's thesis is the culmination of my work at Portland State University's Anthropology program. It explores functional changes at the US-Mexican border from a political economic perspective. I did field research for this thesis in five US states and two Mexican states.

MA Thesis: Presentation

(2008) This is the presentation I gave to defend my thesis at PSU to my thesis committee and colleagues.

MA Thesis: Human Subjects Review

(2007) This is the Human Subjects Review I submitted to PSU's IRB.

MA Thesis: Proposal

(2007) This is the thesis proposal for my advisor.

US-Mexican Border Issue

(2006) This Issue study was one of many papers I wrote on international borders, which ultimately led to my thesis.

Border Comparison

(2006) This paper compares and contrasts the US-Mexican border with the Spanish-Moroccan border in North Africa.

Morocco: Migration Corridor

(2006) This paper discusses migration from Morocco to Europe and explores the power dynamics of the Spanish-Moroccan border.

Historical Discourse on Colonialism in Morocco

(2006) This term paper for a Middle-Eastern history class explores the discourses generated by Western historians of Morocco throughout the twentieth century.


Biological (Physical) Anthropology

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Early Hominids & Australopithecines Presentation

(2007) This presentation was designed for an Introduction class in Physical/Biological Anthropology. It was selected by my professor to serve an example for future students in the program.

The Speciation of Biological Anthropology

(2007) A review of the shift from Physical to Biological Anthropology.

A Brief History of Hominid Taxonomy Paper

(2007) A review of the history of hominid taxonomic issues.

A Brief History of Hominid Taxonomy Presentation

(2007) A presentation based upon the above review.


Applied Anthropology

An Initial Anthropological Assessment of the Implementation of Policy Changes at Delivered Dish

(2006) An ethnography and analysis of a company going through a structural overhaul.

Alternatives to Biomedicine in the US: The Responses of Acupuncture and Chiropractic to Biomedical Hegemony

(2005) A qualitative study about how acupuncturists and chiropractors cope with a system which favors biomedical practitioners.


Social Anthropological Theory

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A Review of Globalization Studies

(2005) A review of the many ways Anthropologists study globalization.

A Review of Mary Douglas

(2005) A review of Mary Douglas' Purity and Danger: An Analysis of the Concepts of Pollution and Taboo (1984).

A Review of Marvin Harris

(2005) A review of Marvin Harris' Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches: The Riddles of Culture (1974).



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A Synthesis of Archaeology and History: Documenting Sociocultural Change in the Spanish Borderlands

(2007) This paper explores socio-cultural changes across what is now the southwestern US near the Mexican border from historical archaeological evidence and perspectives.

Theory, Anthropology and Archaeology

(2007) This paper discusses the ways in which archaeological and anthropological theories are as scientific as physics and chemistry.